K3 was founded on over 50 years of family experience in the West Africa construction market.

Thanks to the know-how acquired and the services offered, the group has completed a large number of projects over the years in the private and industrial sectors, becoming a point of reference for those purchasing materials, technologies and services pertaining to the world of construction in West Africa.

K3’s objective is to select the most qualified and reliable Italian and European suppliers in order to offer a turnkey service that is hassle-free.

From the evaluation of the Client’s needs to the design, the calculation of quantities through to delivery and installation, K3 is a dependable, precise and prompt partner.


K3 has developed solid know-how in the selection of products and services in line with the needs of its clientèle in West Africa, enabling K3 to construct a dense network of qualified and reliable Italian suppliers.

The key element of K3’s internationalisation strategy is to successfully align buyers’ expectations with the best healthcare providers, ensuring quality, compliant and timely services.

K3 guarantees a turnkey service from the assessment of needs through to the design, the calculation of quantities and the aggregation of supplies up until the final delivery, installation and commissioning of all that is necessary.